An introduction to FCVideo – the official filming partner of Farnborough Football Club since June 2011.

FCVideo are video delivery specialists who have been covering English non-league football from July 2005. They created a business name FC Video, (now FCVideo) with the double meaning of Fox/Carpenter and Football Club Videos.

Having worked with Garry Haylock during his successful years at Hayes & Yeading United, he was in touch with FCVideo as soon as he was named the Manager of Farnborough. Although his stay was brief, FCVideo have been pleased to remain and continue to provide the Club’s website and social media sites with all the goals and highlights from home games.

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Meet FCVideo

We caught up with Co-Owner Lee Carpenter (pictured left) for an exclusive Interview.

Who is your favourite Farnborough player since you’ve been filming?

Probably for me, Jake Somerville. I use to be a goalkeeper, so I always tend to side with the keepers. He was a bit on the small side – but made some cracking saves whilst he was here.

Who is your favourite outfield Farnborough player?

Nic Ciardini (and not because he went in goal!). He also won FCVideo’s goal of the season.

What is the best match you have filmed?

Eastleigh versus Hayes & Yeading United – Conference South Play-Off Semi-Final Second Leg. We [HYUFC] had lost the first leg at home 2-4 (after trailing 0-4) and no one gave us a chance. We scored two in normal time and then went on to win 4-0. Great atmosphere, expectations greatly exceeded and a great day all round. 

What is the best Farnborough match you have filmed?

Farnborough versus Havant & Waterlooville – April 2012. Last home match of the season – and still very much is a dog fight against relegation. Dan Bennett scored in the third minute, then it was nail-biting right up to the final whistle. We held onto a 1-0 victory, which secured our League place. Paul Harkness made a late entrance to shore up the attack. 

What is the worst match you have filmed?

Truro City versus Farnborough – October 2011. Cold and wet Tuesday night and after taking a 1-0 lead in the fifth minute, we lost 2-8. It was like watching Brazil! I travelled on the team coach that day – needless to say it was a very quiet journey home. 

Can you describe a typical Saturday match day for yourself?

Normally I leave the house around 1pm (depending on where he match is). Having made sure I have all the necessary equipment, I aim to get to the Ground by 2pm. If it’s a home match, then it’s just a matter of filming Mascots and anything else I think could be useful (always got an eye out for bits that can go into the season montage). An away match would involve talking to the Club Officials to confirm filming locations, restrictions etc.

After filming the match and any Interviews, I’m normally home between 6-7pm. Getting graphics ready normally takes an hour or so and then editing can take an hour or two, depending on how good the match was. Then uploading to YouTube and then adding links to Twitter and Facebook. I normally don’t finish until around 11pm then need to start creating the DVD for our records. So, a typical day can start before 12pm and rarely finishes before late on a Saturday.

Why do you like to film and what motivates you?

I like to get involved and try and influence things where I believe I may be able to help. That’s one of the reasons we film matches. We hope that the Management of the Clubs can use what we provide to improve the team, and off-field, the supporters I hope appreciate what we provide. FCVideo were one of the first at this level to film all matches and make them available to supporters.

What is your message to Farnborough supporters?

A football season may not go as smoothly as we would want, but let’s get behind the team in good times and bad. Support the Club both on-field and off-field and let’s get the numbers through the turnstiles up. The Club admit under 16s free of charge – they are the future, let’s get them involved.

Farnborough Football Club very much appreciates all the hard work done by FCVideo each season and would like to extend a big thanks to Lee and his team.

Video action from the 2020-2021 Season

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