As we enter 2020, Manager Spencer Day updates supporters on the latest player news.

“We face a very difficult few weeks ahead with injuries and absentees. Sean Francis is going away shortly for a month (a position we accepted when I managed to get him to come back and help us out).

“Adam Brice suffered fractured ribs at training which was only confirmed late last night at A&E and will be out for a few weeks.

“CJ Fearn went over a hole the same night and swelled up badly and Seth [Owens] has an ongoing issue so both of those will need fitness tests today. The latter player is also away for two weeks in Februrary which is far from ideal.

“The loss of Jordan [Alowade-Williams] for sometime when he was doing so well is another blow. Therefore we might be a little light today but that comes with the time of year and such little notice to bring in new players.

“Bradley’s loan is up today and again we will have to assess the position.

“We are not in a financial position to recall Andrew Musungu or Perry Coles so will have to look for the current squad to get us through this busy period, although we are trying to add a recommended player as a trialist before today’s game and we can assess him in training properly next week.

“I’m speaking to a couple of ‘old faces’ that will come in next week to hopefully help us out!

“Happy New Year to all and best wishes for 2020!”