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It’s impossible for you to ensure your child is making the right choice, but we can help them to make informed choices and encourage them towards the right path.

Whether they have set career goals already or just need a little more preparation and direction before they’re thrown into the world of work there is a place for your child at VLUK.

All of our programmes are designed to provide each student with a number of opportunities and to act as an excellent springboard for their future career.


We are dedicated to providing an excellent standard of learning. In return we want to know each student is committed to achieving their best.

We expect all our students to attend every session and engage with the programmes of study with a positive attitude.

During their studies they must be willing to work as part of a team and each student must work in line with the assessment guidelines set by the awarding body and their tutor.

Every student is expected to reach the minimum target grades but if they have the right attitude and work ethic, we can help them exceed even these expectations.


The well-being of our students is at the forefront of the education service we provide. We are committed to meeting the needs of all learners with the main aim of maintaining their well-being.

All of our sessions are delivered in a safe environment. Our aims is to invoke confidence to succeed and for learners who experience difficulties; physical or mental, sensitive support is available through a variety of sources.

We ensure your child has a secure place to study. We support their achievements during their study and beyond. There is nothing more important to us than our students health and well-being.

Student Support

Each student has access to regular personal and group tutorials, which provide a space for learners to voice their opinions.

Our online tools and excellent quality of mentors provide your child with the necessary support for them to accomplish their very best.

Individual learner plans will provide clear action templates to encourage and support progress throughout their study.

We provide your child with the tools to succeed both in their study and future employment.

Financial Support

At VLUK we understand just how important your child’s education is. To eliminate any potential barriers that could get in the way of your child receiving high quality training, bursary funds are available for some students.

All students are entitled to apply for financial support through our education funding partners during the application process.

See if your child is eligible.


We can’t guarantee your child will find employment directly after graduating but we can provide them with a high quality platform to give them the very best chance.

All of our courses offer an abundance of opportunities and experiences within your child’s chosen industry.

With hard work, focus and good networking skills, our programmes have proven to lead to many respected careers.

Information Advice Guidance (IAG) Careers Advice

We pride ourselves on supporting your child throughout their journey of development and this includes their next steps after graduation.

IAG careers advice is provided by VLUK tutors and other staff members on The Sport Brain online learning platform and the Virtual Learning UK website.

We want your child to succeed just as much as you do and offering free, easily accessible career guidance is all part of our comprehensive service to your child’s progress.


We expect all students to have a minimum of 97% attendance. It is not only a government expectation, but it is key in developing the calibre of learners that will go on to exceed in employment.

Attendance of students is monitored and tracked every day. We strongly believe high attendance is key to success in all aspects of our education programmes.

It is an expectation that in the event of absence that tutors and other named key points of contact are contacted at the earliest possible opportunity.

VLUK Attendance Policy (Download).


How does my child apply to become a VLUK student?

  • Click here to apply to the site of choice where they would like to enrol at
  • They will be required to provide evidence of their predicted GCSE grades.
  • They may be required to attend a trial/open event at the site they’re are interested in.
  • References may be requested.
  • Before they are offered a place they will be invited for an interview. This is to check that the programme is suitable for them and that they are suitable for the programme.
  • This could lead to a conditional offer, where they will be able to start the programme if they have met the entry criteria.

What happens at the start of the education programme?

Prior to actually starting the programme, each student will need to show evidence of the GCSE grades they achieved. This will be towards the end of August.

Once they have been accepted each student will need to confirm their attendance for induction days, which are usually in the first week of September.

Induction days will provide pupils with detailed information about their programme including:

  • Learning agreement and enrolment
  • Timetable and location of venues
  • The Sport Brain online learning platform
  • The BTEC qualification and units of study
  • Scheme of work and assessment plan
  • Key members of staff
  • Introduction to classmates.

Can my child get to their chosen VLUK programme independently?

There are various ways by which VLUK students make their way to their education site. Individual sites will provide you with detailed guidance on transport links and options that best meet your child’s needs.

How much does an education programme cost?

The actual education part of the programme is completely free of charge. We are an Education Funding Agency and Skills Funding Agency funded by the Government. Your child will have access to:

  • The bespoke online learning platform – The Sport Brain – which is exclusively used by VLUK students.
  • Experienced and qualified teachers
  • Industry based facilities.

Your chosen programme, however, may charge additional costs for specialist kit/training gear and coaching/training. Details of this will be provided by the individual programme your child is interested in.

Who do I speak to if my child requires support?

In the first instance your child could speak to their named tutor or site leader/coach.

In the event that they feel they cannot speak directly with certain members of staff, you will be able to contact:

  • Neil Ouldridge – Vice Principal – Student Support and Pastoral
  • Or email

What learning resources does my child need?

They will need standard items such as:

  • Suitable sports kit/training gear – a kit pack is usually part of the sign-up process
  • A pen and a notepad
  • You may need a laptop – some of our partner sites are fortunate enough to provide them.

This is important to understand – as all work required to complete a qualification is submitted and assessed through our bespoke online platform.

What standards will my child be expected to meet on the programme?

They will be expected to wear kit/training gear appropriate to the education programme. Each student will be provided with details of the kit pack on offer.

The highest standards of behaviour and respect for staff and classmates. This is judged and graded every half term of the programme – six times in total.

What opportunities are available to my child when they finish my education programme?

Please refer to the Employment section for further information about the options available to your child on completion.