Kick It Out

Farnborough Football Club are proud to support Kick It Out – English football’s equality and inclusion organisation.

Kick It Out is primarily a campaigning organisation which enables, facilitates and works with the football authorities, professional clubs, players, fans and communities to tackle all forms of discrimination.

The campaign has been pivotal in persuading and supporting the game’s stakeholders to take their equality responsibilities seriously.

Working throughout the football, educational and community sectors to challenge discrimination, encourage inclusive practices and campaign for positive change, Kick It Out is at the heart of the fight against discrimination for everyone who plays, watches or works in football.

A small independent charity, the ‘Let’s Kick Racism Out of Football’ campaign was established in 1993 in response to widespread calls from clubs, players and fans to tackle racist attitudes existing within the game. Kick It Out was then established as a body in 1997 as it widened out its objectives to cover all aspects of discrimination, inequality and exclusion.

Internationally, Kick It Out has close links to FARE Network, and has been cited as an example of good practice by the Council of Europe, the European Commission, European parliamentarians and the British Council.

In our game
There’s always room for passion.
There’s room for rivality.
Theres room for emotion.

But there’s no room for racism.

If you see it, report it.

Farnborough Football Club stance

Farnborough Football Club will not tolerate, at any time, the use of disorderly, violent and/or threatening behaviour and/or the use of foul and/or abusive language, racial, sectarian, homophobic or discriminatory abuse and/or abusive singing and/or chanting or harassment.

The Club strongly encourage all Spectators help us to ensure that any form of racist or other discriminatory behaviour is stamped out by reporting any instances, firstly to any steward or officer of the Club and/or any police officer.

You can also report racism by using the Kick It Out reporting app (download the iOS app or Android app) or via Kick It Out’s website reporting form.