Advertising & Sponsorship

An association with your local football club can benefit on many levels, from a community feel good factor to driving new customers to your services or products, research shows that 93% of people take notice of sponsored initiatives.

90% of supporters attending matches at Cherrywood Road are local people. The presence of [your company name here] at Farnborough Football Club has great reach.

Sponsorship Opportunities include:

Community Partner

Farnborough Football Club’s Football in the Community scheme launched seven years ago and has now has a presence in over twenty schools in the local area, providing coaching at lunchtime and After School Clubs.

We are seeking a supporting partner who share the same values as the club with regard to the importance of youth in our community.

Premier Corporate

Have a real impact on the direction of the Club both now and in the future.

Farnborough Football Club is giving the opportunity to just TEN companies with all support being directed into the provision, development and improvement of Farnborough Football Club.

For more information on Sponsorship, please download our Corporate & Sponsorship Opportunities brochure (above) or email the Club at: