Farnborough Supporters Trust known as FaST has launched a new fund raising scheme called FaST Ground Development Fund replacing the Boost The Boro Fund and is geared solely at raising funds towards FaST ground projects.

FaST has a long history of providing funds towards improving and maintaining the club’s ground facilities and we sincerely hope that the club’s fans will get behind this new initiative and pledge more money, particularly by way of regular standing order payments.

The new scheme is to include members and non-members and involves the following methods of payment strictly towards FaST projects:-

  • Standing Orders, Electronic Transfers or Cheques made payable to FaST
  • One-off donations to FaST specifically for FaST Development Funding
  • By donation bucket on Matchdays on the 50/50 table
  • Membership fees income raised by more fans joining FaST will help the new Ground Development Fund. This also enables new members access to FaST membership benefits such as reduced costs of travelling on minibuses to away games and discounted club merchandise in the Club Shop.

FaST have recently changed banking arrangements and the new account details are:-

Sort Code: 30-90-89
Account Number: 37588460
Quote reference: FaST / Farnborough Supporters Society Limited

Please visit the FaST website for more information and updates at: www.farnborough-trust.org.uk

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