Floodlit Robbery

Boro’ dropped their first home points of the season in the most bizarre of circumstances.

Leading by 2-1 with just eight minutes left of a game which had been fast paced and fairly even against a physical Uxbridge side the result was too close to call………… then fate took a hand.

The visitors were pressing for an equaliser and put a high ball into the box which was headed away only to come back into the box on the right. It fell to an Uxbridge player who lost no time in hoisting a high cross goalwards.

Norris went up for the ball which was dropping towards him and appeared to have the ball in his grasp. The keeper was close to his line but looked favourite to claim the ball when Anthony Thomas charged into him and appeared to make little effort to play the ball, but hit Norris in the chest, knocking him backwards.

Off-balance the young keeper pushed the ball forward and it caught Thomas on the upper arm or shoulder before dropping to the ground and being cleared by Huggins. Several Uxbridge players immediately turned to the Referee and claimed a goal.

To the surprise of most in the Stadium, Mr Carmichael turned and signalled a goal. He was just inside the Penalty area and not in a position to see if the ball crossed the line.

Several people claimed that the Lino on the Cherrywood Road side had flagged when Thomas ran into Norris, but as soon as the Referee had signalled a goal the Lino lowered his flag and sprinted back to the centre line.

Having watched countless replays, I am convinced that (a) it was a clear foul on the keeper, (b) the ball did not cross the line, (c) the Referee was not ideally positioned and got it wrong and (d) the Lino bottled it and seemed relieved that he could dodge responsibility.

Having started towards the end of proceedings with controversy what of the rest of the game?

Boro’ kicked off and were very soon on the attack down the right with Huggins bursting towards the area at speed where he was brought down by Quashie.

On this occasion, Mr Carmichael got it right. A booking for Quashie and a Boro’ free kick on the edge of the area.

Nic Ciardini hit a hard low ball into the 6 yard box which in an area full of players went into the net after a deflection with just 2 minutes on the clock. Farnborough 1-0 Uxbridge.

The announcer credited the goal to Nic and I won’t argue with that, but several Boro’ players appeared to run and congratulate Callum Overton. No matter, it was a goal.

Boro’ were on top and created a couple of chances with a CJ free kick on the edge of the area running through to the keeper.

A good three man move involving Huggins, Oli and Ciardini ended with Ciardini’s cross being blocked then cleared.

It was almost 20 minutes before Uxbridge offered a real threat when the twinkle-toed Thomas jinked his way into the box only to shoot 3 yards wide.

Overton and Quashie went head-tohead near the half way line and Overton was booked. Quashie had been very physical from the first minute and the challenge showed that Overton was not rolling over.

CJ made a good 20 yard run only to shoot wide and when McCarthy fumbled a long throw from Huggins he was lucky it fell to a defender and was cleared.

Uxbridge had a couple more chances when firstly, a Carter free kick went weakly along the ground and was easily cleared.

Thomas again got into a shooting position but his effort was so wide it literally finished near to the corner flag.

An Emmerson cross from the left saw Overton head just wide then when Oli went down, clearly hurt, play was allowed to continue far too long before treatment was finally made available.

Just before the whistle, Emmerson hit a screamer from the edge of the area, but again too high.

HALF TIME: Farnborough 1-0 Uxbridge

Boro’ had created a few more chances in a pacey first half and with more precision could have at least doubled their slender lead.

Attacks were often started with a long high ball which bypassed the midfield whereas on the occasions that the ball was played on the deck they actually posed a bigger threat.

The Second Half got away at 8:45pm with the visitors quick to mount an attack but Norris came out to claim a high cross.

Carter skied another chance well over from 25 yards and Oli was booked following a tackle on the far side.

Boro’ replaced Eddie Smith with new signing, Perry Coles after 55 minutes.

The visitors equalised when awarded a rather fortunate free kick about 25 yards out. Following a discussion with Carter, Thomas took the and the ball ended up in the net after a deflection on 57 minutes. Farnborough 1-1 Uxbridge.

Callum Overton made way for Boro’s other new signing, Jordan Adekunle on 59 minutes.

Boro’ enjoyed a decent spell which saw Huggins shoot over from distance and Oli narrowly wide of the post.

Ciardini beat three men only for his shot to be blocked.

When Uxbridge hit a long high ball towards Thomas, the centre-forward realising he couldn’t reach it, appeared to reach up and stop the ball like a goal keeper with both hands. Surely a deliberate hand ball but he went unpunished though Boro’ restarted play.

Uxbridge replaced Quashie who was on a yellow card and had been warned, with Jake Broves on 70 minutes.

McLeish was booked for a foul on Ciardini then the same player did his best to trip Emmerson as he went on a run only for McCarthy to save his final shot.

Huggins restored Boro’s lead with a firm header on 77 minutes following a Ciardini cross after several other attempts had been beaten out. Farnborough 2-1 Uxbridge.

Dennis Oli came close to increasing Boro’s lead but was ruled off-side on one occasion before shooting narrowly wide from Ciardini’s pass.

Then of course we witnessed the fiasco detailed at the beginning of this Report and despite all their efforts Boro’ were unable to change the outcome. Farnborough 2-2 Uxbridge

By contrast, Uxbridge, having made another change by replacing McLeish with Boateng on 83 minutes, seemed only too happy to see time out by whatever means they could.

After playing 4 additional minutes Mr Carmichael brought matters to an end.

FULL TIME: Farnborough 2-2 Uxbridge

In some ways, the decision to allow the Uxbridge ‘goal’ after 82 minutes seemed to take the wind out of Boro’s sails and when the Referee back tracked some distance to book CJ for continuing to protest the decision it added insult to injury.

Not our best performance, but we remain unbeaten at home and still head the table. It’s surely worth noting that John Oyenuga, who has contributed so much was still absent through injury.

Also that Callum Overton and Brendon Norris are still relative newcomers and Perry Coles and Jordan Adekunle literally signed today and met the squad for the first time for tonight’s warm up.

It will take them time to integrate, but I’m sure they will all make their mark in due course.

Onwards to Saturday and Arlesey Town.

Come on you Yelloowsaa!!

Match Report by Tony Duff.


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