The Cherrywood Bar is hosting an event this Saturday (5pm) to help raise money for Curtis with stalls up and goodies available to buy for Christmas.


Curtis was born with a very rare childhood liver disease. We knew he would need a liver transport one day and knew the success rates varied depending on his age of going to transplant because of being born without the right kind of arteries and veins that supply the liver spleens of which he has three and the heart. And also the trauma that is caused to the donor liver being cut up to the correct size for such a small child means the inadaquate blood flow increases the risk of the transplant not working.

We know that the chances of Curtis surviving the operation is less than 20%. Since he was born he has had little to no immune system and mixing with other children has been impossible at times and generally avoiding crowed areas has been the way of life for Curtis so no school, birthday parties, trips to see Santa, playgrounds. Everything that a healthy child takes for granted. Curtis is likely to be having the transplant before or soon after Christmas. This may well be his last Christmas and he has a wish to see Santa Reindeers and snow as he has never seen any of these before so we’re trying to raise money to take him on a once in a life time trip to a Santa experience like Lapland and create a family memory while we can not just for Curtis but our other two sons so if the worse happens we can always remember the last Christmas we all were for once a normal family.

How can you help?

We are holding an event to make this wish come true for Curtis this Saturday 17 December from 5pm at Farnborough Football Club in the Cherrywood Bar and Santa will be making a surprise appearance!

There will be stalls and goodies to buy before Christmas to please come and support this good cause.


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