FaST have now finalised the make up of the Board following the AGM recently held.

The members are:-

  • Garry Ward – Chairman
  • Phil Martin – Secretary
  • Paul Spicer – Treasurer
  • Luke Burford – Website Administrator
  • Kevin Dyer – Club Management
  • Malcolm Upward – Farnborough Youth
  • Rob Matheson – Community
  • Brian Blewett – Board Member
  • John Davey – Board Member.

FaST are pleased to advise that a meeting was recently held with Club Owner Rob Prince and Club Chairman Simon Gardener. We agreed to forge closer links between FaST and the Club Management in future and so will hold joint meetings to enable the views of the Club and FaST on behalf of its membership be fully aired. From this we will seek to deal with ongoing issues on a mutually beneficial basis.

As an initial step FaST have been requested to give consideration to fronting and administering a new ‘Players Wages Sponsorship Scheme’ supported by FaST and club fans. Further details will follow.

FaST are also in the process of costing the refurbishment of the toilets serving The Cherrywood Bar and The Platinum Lounge. This work will be met from FaST funding.

Finally, FaST are pleased to announce that the new tuck bar known as ‘FaST Food’ financed by and the conversion work carried out by FaST will be ready to open for the new season.

Garry Ward


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