I have listened to a number of comments that have been made regarding the “Gentleman’s Evening” advertised for January 22nd.

The event was proposed by female staff who were involved when the club regularly ran the event in its past and as stated, the company Jukes run similar events throughout non league football.

I am surprised that having been advertised for over two weeks already, it has taken so long for some negative comments and I appreciate that there has actually been some support from the female population for what the event actually is.

However I have taken on board what has been said and the event will run as “Curry & Comedy Night” with the same comedian. I have informed the entertainment company that the female element of the show is to be totally withdrawn. Anyone who has bought tickets can seek a refund if they wish and as further goodwill we will offer one free drink included in the package to compensate for the elements that have been withdrawn. The comedian has had fantastic reviews for over 20 years and I still hope the event will be a great success.

We are constantly trying new events at the Club for men, women and children of all ages. Some clearly will not work but it has certainly never been our intention to offend any sector of the population.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Rob Prince

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