On Sunday (20 December) FFCitC in partnership with FaST, who very kindly donated gifts, attended the Children’s Ward of Frimley Park Hospital.

Representatives from Knights Foundations and The Ark Trust also attended and provided gifts.

Jo Rigler, the ward Sister stated: “The generosity has totally is overwhelming. Thank you to all who has provided these wonderful gifts.”

The team walked around the ward handing out gifts to the children who were unfortunately ill on the ward.

Club Chaplain, Mark McGowan also attended the visit and commented: “This is always a very humbling experience for me. It always reminds me how very blessed we are.”

“The kids and parents are always very thankful of the visit and it’s always nice to be able to give some gifts the the wonderful staff.

We would like to thank once again FaST, Knights Foundations and The Ark Trust.


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