At the FaST AGM last April it was agreed that the possibility of FaST & Farnborough FC in the Community merging should be explored.

After discussions at the last FaST Board Meeting it was then decided that it would be a better route and very beneficial for both parties to work in partnership with each other for the forthcoming season and further review the position in 12 months.

Both the community Steering group and the Board of FaST are extremely excited about this co-operation. One of FaST aims was and is to work with the community in a bigger capacity and see this partnership as a good starting point.

It has been agreed that FaST will sponsor the Ball Boys and also School of the Week which includes giving local children an opportunity to be a match day mascot. We also hope to make an announcement on our new community mascot soon.

Both parties are very pleased with the new arrangement going forward and the mutual opportunities created.

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