Farnborough Football Club are proud to support fundraising for physical therapy and specialised equipment for 2 year old Asher Jones who was born with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy.

You are unlikely to have heard of this little boy who lives in Farnborough; his name is Asher. Here he is pictured with his Dad…


Asher was born 10 weeks early with three holes in his heart. He has since had multiple operations to correct this and has bravely fought back to good health. However, at 8 months old Asher was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy – in Asher’s case, this means the muscles are stiff, rigid and unco-ordinated in all four limbs.

Now at 2 years old Asher is a happy, smiley boy who loves to engage with everyone around him.  However, he is unable to sit up, roll over, stand, walk or feed himself properly. Asher’s parents provide daily physio to try and alleviate some of the symptoms and improve his motor function. This is the minimal amount required but Asher would benefit greatly from intense professional physiotherapy sessions to bring on his development.

We are raising money, therefore, to obtain for Asher to have a two week’s intensive physio at the Bobath Centre. Our target is to raise £10,000 as soon as possible; this will enable us to access the intense physio Asher needs.

A dinner-dance has been arranged on Saturday 25 April at The Village Hotel in Farnborough; the Hotel has generously offered free facilities and minimal cost for food; local legends The Vice Squad are providing the musical entertainment free of charge.

So why am I writing to you and how can you help? To raise more funds on the evening, we will be holding an auction and a raffle. Please consider donating something of value which we can offer as a prize to turn into cash for Asher’s programme of physiotherapy.

If you can offer a prize – complimentary tickets, opportunities, whatever you think your company could give which would attract interest – we would be so grateful.

Please contact – Sarah Inman on 07748648899 or Sarah.v.inman@gmail.com

And of course, if you’d like to join us for a drink, food and a dance on Saturday 25th April at The Village, we would love to see you! Tickets will cost £20 and are available from www.justgiving.com/enablingasher/ using reference: CharityGIG

To see more information about Asher and follow his progress please look at his Facebook page – www.facebook.com/enablingasher

Thank you; your generosity in supporting this cause will help transform Asher’s life.

Farnborough Football Club are delighted to welcome Asher as Match Day Mascot for this Saturday’s home game with Chelmsford City. A stall will also be set up by the turnstiles collecting donations.


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