‘Uppies for Autism’ – a sporting challenge initiated by England footballer Jack Wilshere in collaboration with The Autism Trust

Jack Wilshere (the Arsenal and England football player) has responded to the challenge laid down by Billy Tommey, a young man aged 17 with autism, to take on the challenge of showing off his footballing skills in the new ‘Uppies for Autism’ campaign for 2014.

Responding to the opportunity Jack then challenged Mo Farah and Arsenal colleagues Calum Chambers, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain plus the legend, David Beckham.

Chambers went on to show what he could do and extended the challenge to Arsenal’s Danny Welbeck, Wojciech Szczesny, and Southampton’s Nathaniel Clyne and Harrison Reed.

The game is now on! Anyone can try! All you need is a ball …or something else to do your uppies, your imagination is your only limitation.

‘Uppies’ is a game played by people the world over to develop their footballing skills. The goal is simple (but very hard!): How many times can you ‘keep up’ the ball using feet, knees, head and shoulders (no handball!) without the ball touching the ground…

Uppies for Autism is a campaign to raise awareness of the challenges faced by individuals with autism, as well as how The Autism Trust will address those challenges and improve the lives of all individuals impacted by autism, including their families.

The campaign (online ‘uppiesforautism’) will raise much needed funds and support to achieve The Autism Trust’s mission of ongoing operations in the Sunninghill, UK location, as well as build a revolutionary facility in the UK & United States that will provide vocational, educational, wellness and semi independent resources for individuals with autism.

These unique and much needed facilities, combined with other resources, will provide futures with purpose for all individuals with autism.

Take a Look …

Each participant is sharing videos and setting out their passed (on challenge on Facebook and Twitter with #uppiesforautism and through The Autism Trust’s website (www.theautismtrust.org.uk) and (www.theautismtrust.org).

Why are we doing this?

This is primarily a UK campaign (as it has started in the UK) however both the UK and USA Autism Trust are involved although each is at different stages. In the UK we have years of experience, have done the research and successfully helped teens and adults develop skills and work in a safe environment.

We have a retail and online shop and provide many important life skills to our life long learners. It is now time for the UK to expand, to secure some land and build the bigger vision (a place where people and families can come and get help and support during the day and residents that have a place for life).

All money donated in the UK goes to the UK Autism Trust and same for USA.

Uppies for Autism will provide the much needed funds and support to give more people with autism a chance, and for us to expand and develop our centres.

Click the image below to watch Billy challenge Jack Wilshere to do #Uppies4Autism!


For further information contact:

  • Oliver Jones – Chairman, The Autism Trust – 07802 985053
  • Mo Wilson – Polly’s Place Manager, The Autism Trust – 07710 663551

The Autism Trust (Registered charity Nr 1117657) www.theautismtrust.org.uk

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