The Vanarama Club Affiliate Scheme

As a company of football fans, we’re delighted to be sponsoring the Football Conference for the 2014/15 season and have created a scheme by which all clubs can benefit further through an affinity marketing scheme.


What is the Vanarama Club Affiliate Scheme?

You will have seen this scheme promoted in your match day programmes, but wanted to explain a little more about how it works:

• The scheme means that your club willinitially receive £100 each time staff members, fans (and their families) choose to lease a van, pickup or car through Vanarama or one of our sister companies.
• The payment per vehicle will increase as sales volumes increase over the season (see table below)
• To entice fans further, we have also committed to send them a free set of car mats worth £29.99, branded with your club’s badge,when they become a customer of Vanarama.

How can your club earn from this?

It’s simple, all you have to do is call 0845 094 1399 or visit our website and quote the code below when you enquire. Once the new vehicle has been delivered the club will receive the £100, and you will be sent the free set of car mats!


How do I maximise income for my club?


The affiliate deal is setup to be used as much as you like. Every time you encourage someone to use the club affiliate code, the club will earn money! So why not send the code out to your mates, and tell them about this exciting offer?

There is NO LIMIT to the clubs earning potential


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