The Club would like to say a massive thank you to all of our fantastic volunteers who helped to make this years Fireworks event a great success!

After three months work of organisation, we would like to give an extended thanks to:

  • Trevor Down
  • Clair Dillon
  • Kevin Dyer
  • Michelle Enderby
  • James Willcocks
  • Mark McGowan
  • Richard Petty
  • Paul Sampson
  • Sara Sampson
  • Sue Reason
  • Wendy Lewis
  • Sarah Hoyle
  • Jamie Bunker
  • Neil Bunker
  • Naomi Bunker
  • Mary Everly
  • Paul Pullen
  • Nigel Long
  • Farney Rubble

…and anyone else on the night!

Once again we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped to advertise the event and to everyone who turned up to watch and help us make Farneys Firework Extravaganza 2014 a great success!


The PRE Stand filling up pre-fireworks

If you have any photos from the night to share then you can Tweet us at @FarnboroughFC on Twitter and we will re-tweet them, or send them to the Farnborough Football Club Official Facebook Page

Many thanks to all and apologies if we missed anybody out.

We would love to see many of you back at Paddy Power Park soon for Farnborough’s next home game on Saturday 22nd November at 3pm!

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