On Saturday 12th July we have our Summer 2014 Men’s Breakfast. It starts at 8am at the St Peter’s Parish Centre and after a great ‘nosh’ we look forward to hearing the Chaplain of Farnborough Football Club, Mark McGowan speak about ‘Faith in Football – a Chaplain’s View’.

Tickets once again are priced at just £5 and are now on sale, so why not book your place NOW and decide who you might like to invite? Dads why not bring your Lads along too!

About our speaker: Mark is part of the kc21 community where he was originally responsible for the children & young people. He is now heading up a number of community projects in the Farnborough area which come under the umbrella of ‘connectatboro’.

Mark McGowan, Farnborough FC Club Chaplain

These include Faith & Football – which is a free community football league for children which now attracts over 50 children. This not only looks after and mentors the players but the whole family.

‘Hands On’ is a project which helps single Parents, Sick, Elderly, and low Incomed families. A team can go in and decorate a room or tidy up a garden free of charge.

They have also recently started a relaxed style of church on the 1st Sunday of each month in the Prospect Centre,  Farnborough.

As Farnborough Football Club community chaplain Mark is responsible for heading up a number of community projects which include ‘school of the week’ and soon to be a ‘homework club’.

The Farnborough areas of Mayfield and Grange areas have 12% deprivation, higher than parts of London! He wants to share Jesus with people in this community but also in the world of Football.

Mark has been married to Jo for 16 years  and has 3 children Millie, Ella, and Caleb.

An interesting man! Under his Topic “Faith in Football” Mark will include some advice for Dads on how to relate to sporty kids in and on the edge of church who find that they are being encouraged to watch or play sport on Sundays in direct competition to their attendance at church.

Tickets are just £5 for a Full Fat English breakfast and £4 for a Continental Style one.

Please speak to Mark McGowan on 07854383441 to purchase tickets.

Venue: St Peter’s Parish Church, 60 Church Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire, UK, GU14 7AP.

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