This Saturday (26 April), volunteers from Karuna Action are collecting money towards the costs of running a summer camp for the ‘Child Promotion School’ in Kampala, Uganda. Please give your loose change or notes towards this worthwhile cause.

This August a team of 26 will be flying out to the ‘Child Promotion School’ in Kampala, Uganda for ten days. The team consists of 15 young people, 9 older adults and 2 small ones (Children!).

Whilst we are there, our young people will be running a summer camp for the Ugandan children who will also be on school holidays.

The school is part of a project that Karuna Action have been supporting for some time.  Joel Amonde is the man who had the big vision for the school after the previous school that the children were in was deemed unsafe and was closed down.  With Karuna Actions support, the new school has been established, right from buying the land to building the school, to getting pencils and paper into the classrooms all in the space of 18 months!!!

Joel’s heart has been to give children opportunity where opportunity is scarce, to have a good education, in a safe and loving environment where they can flourish, have a much better quality of life and better chances for their futures.

The school has – 300 children (ranging from infants to young teens), of which -100 live at the school.  Many of the children are orphans, some of whom have been adopted by members of the local community.  Many of the children are also sponsored (via Karuna Action).

Our young people will be doing various activities (sports, dance, music, team building, crafts, etc.) with the Ugandan children and really getting stuck in serving the school and the community.  The older adults going on the trip are going to be ‘family’ to our young people and to support them in all they will face and also to serve in the school and community as well.

We have no doubt that this will be a life changing trip and continued relationship with the wonderful people in this community will be firmly established.

Each member of the team has to support themselves financially to make the trip including flight costs, accommodation, food, insurance, inoculations etc.  The money raised today will go towards these costs

Farnborough Football Club’s Community Chaplain, Mark McGowan has stated “This is a brilliant Charity that does amazing things worldwide in many different countries. I look forward to welcoming them on Saturday.”

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