Now that the previous bidder has failed to complete a purchase we need to make plans to move forward and we have a number of positions that we need to fill.

Meeting at 8pm, Thursday 16th Jan – On Thursday there will be a meeting for anyone who wishes to help on a more regular basis. This will not be a forum but an opportunity to discuss the requirements of the positions listed below and find ways to improve the Club. It has been particularly pleasing the number of people who have privately offered support and we hope that we can all work together to a better 2014. 


Club Secretary (this is purely a part time role alongside our current fixture secretary Garry Ward)

This person would need to be efficient with IT and ideally have some experience of football administration although it is fairly easy to pick up.

Bar and Kitchen Manager

This is a salary plus commission position. Which route the bar/cafe/kitchen is to go will be a major discussion. This position will also be advertised locally.


We urgently need support to get FFC out in the community. Mark does a fantastic job but we need to formalise a strategy on a regular basis moving forward.

Any other assistance such as stewarding, maintenance support, anything welcome!!


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