Following Saturday’s heavy defeat, Captain Lloyd Foot urged supporters to stick with the team ahead of “two massive games” away to Weston-Super-Mare in a week.

Firstly, what are your thoughts following Saturday’s disappointing defeat at Concord Rangers?

“Obviously extremely disappointed and embarrassed. It’s ruined my weekend, but it’s time to face the music and put it right Tuesday.”

What positives can you take out of Saturday’s game?

“A positive is that we are playing Tuesday, so we can put it right straight away with a victory. Also it now gives us chance to show character and bounce back ability! Which every good side needs.”

Farnborough will look to bounce back from defeat starting with two back-to-back away trips to Weston-Super-Mare in a week. What are you expecting from these games?

“These are two MASSIVE games and there is no getting away from that. If we win both then our season is well on track and the positives we’ve created will carry on. If we lose then it puts us in a much worse situation. That’s why losing isn’t an option.”

How are you going to ensure that the players are focused on winning these two upcoming key games?

“The players won’t ever want to lose a game like we did Saturday, so if they need focusing after that then I’d be shocked. But as skipper I will try and ensure everyone is pumped up and raring to go.”

How important is it to make sure that we continue to improve our season, and what would your targets be?

“Well we’ve improved vastly over the last month or so and we have a lot to build on. One defeat doesn’t change how good a team are. Our targets are to stay in this division by a margin and also get as far as we can in our remaining cup competitions.”

Is the togetherness still there in the dressing room and how much do you continue to back your Manager and staff?

“The boys will always be in high spirits. We are mature enough to let bygones be bygones! So Tuesday is a new day and we will all be focused on the task in hand.

“The managing staff give us roles to do on the pitch and if we don’t do those then things like Saturday happen. So we need to take everything on board and have faith in the manager and back room staff.”

Finally, do you have a message for the fans?

“Just want to apologise on behalf of all the players, as Saturday’s performance was an embarrassment. It most certainly won’t happen again and I ensure you if you stick with us we will give you some seriously good moments throughout the duration of this season. Thank you.”

Thank you for your time Lloyd and good luck with fixtures for the rest of the season!

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