Farnborough train with Nike Premiership Footballs

Farnborough first team trained with Nike’s Premiership footballs, kindly sent to us by Betfair, last week.

These are the balls that will be used during the 2014/2015 Premier League season.

The quality of the footballs was enjoyed throughout the training session and clearly Nike are continuing their tradition of producing match balls to the highest standard.

One of the best things about the ball is the visual aspect. Due to the aesthetic design of the football, players can see the ball from all parts of their vision, including their peripheral vision, which is obviously beneficial during a game. It’s been said that no ball compares to this one in terms of vision, and we can see why that’s been a popular comment so far in terms of football reviews.

In terms of ball control, the way the ball is constructed means that passing accuracy percentages are high, and the ball is extremely responsive to even the subtlest of touches. This proved to be the case whether passing short, with fantastic grip to the ball, or attempting long, lofty balls from the back during our training sessions.

Definitely a ball worth trying out for yourself, whether in games or just having a kick-around, and one final tip: this ball is great for attempting accurate dipping shots.


The quality of the footballs was enjoyed throughout and clearly Nike continue to produce match balls to the highest standard.

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