Read thoughts from Farnborough Manager Spencer Day who was speaking to BBC Surrey about a week of highs and lows on Saturday evening after his sides 3-1 FA Trophy win at Weston-Super-Mare.

Day on Saturday’s victory: “We had an early setback with a deflected goal to put us one behind but we could have already been two or three [goals] up by that stage.

“We started very brightly and showed the character of the side; we had that bit of bad luck and thoroughly deserved to be leading at half time and we got a little bit of luck with the third [goal], there’s no doubt – it was a keepers error.

“But I thought we defended so much better today after a bad week of defensive performances. We thoroughly deserved to win the game and I’m delighted, particularly for the small travelling band of supporters who’ve done such a long trip again this week.

On the two trips to Weston-Super-Mare in a week: “I’m sure it’s going to get dealt with but I’m sure Weston-Super-Mare knew everything we were doing in midweek, which we’ve made a formal complaint about, made life very difficult for us on Tuesday night. Not making that excuse particularly but it was difficult.

“We’ve just made individual errors we felt we should have won the game on Tuesday night. They [games] are always difficult when you play sides so closely together. We had a few options, as did they, and I thought we thoroughly deserved to win the game today and it’s a big boost.

“We’ve had a bad week, we’ve been improving over the last few weeks – we’ve won our last two League games before last weekend. It’s a very long way – we’ve done a huge amount of travelling in the last three weeks.

“It’s vital for the spirits of us and we can look forward to the [FA] Trophy draw on Monday and see where we’re going in early January.

“Vital totally vital [the finance received from the FA Trophy win]. We’ve had some vandalism over night – we found out when we picked up the coach this morning. It’s tough at Farnborough there’s no doubt about it.

“It’s an absolutely vital victory for us and we’ll really look forward to the next round but in-between that we’ve got a month of League game and we’ve got to get some more points on the board but I thought [there was] real character shown today.

“We’re a very young side and it’s vital for the coffers but we’ll now get back to working on our League position. If we can work as hard as we’ve done today [then] I’m sure we’ll be fine.

On the vandalism: It’s serious to Farnborough, it’s probably going to cost towards £1000. They’ve smashed in back doors, they didn’t get in thankfully – but it’s just mindless. The stadium we have at Farnborough is fantastic; six and a half thousand capacity – the support the club volunteers have put into the stadium.

“We’ve got a fantastic facility down there and we’ve all arrived at 9 o’clock this morning to find glass smashed absolutely everywhere and doors smashed in. It’s security glass and I think they were sorting it as we left – very disappointing.

“Importantly we’ve won today and we’ll take the positives and enjoy the trip home a little more than we certainly enjoyed it home on Tuesday.

Speaking on the speculation about Dan Bennett: “We’ve had a seven day approach from Redhill, who are a lower end of the Ryman South – two levels lower than our League.

“The simple fact of is is that they’ve offered him a lot more money than we’ve got – which really does confirm the story we’ve been telling people. We don’t want him to go.

“I’ve had Dan a long time he’s been at Farnborough for just over three years, like me, and he was with me a couple years before that. But we’ll keep talking to him but ultimately everyone’s got their own personal situations and money talks.

“We’d like him to stay – today was the Bennett of old – I thought he was fantastic today, absolutely fantastic. So we’ll see what happens but he’s got to be consistent and he’s got to get into the team.

“If he plays like he did today we’ll never have a problem but we’ll sit down with him in the coming days and we’ll see what he wants to do. It is our financial position that we only pay what we’ve got in and it’s a very small amount of money and with things like that vandalism today it makes thing even harder.

“But we’ll look forward to the draw and then we’ll sit down with Dan in the coming days and see what’s going to happen.”

Day was speaking to BBC Surrey.

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