New signing from Bromley, forward Duncan Culley spoke to ahead of Saturday’s FA Trophy tie at Sholing.

Firstly, welcome to Farnborugh! What is your reaction to the move and how did it come about?

“Thank you very much! I’m very happy to have signed, looking forward to getting going this weekend. I was speaking to Leigh in pre-season whilst I was at Oxford and Bristol, but Bromley came in with an offer I couldn’t refuse; which also gave me the chance to move to London which is something I’d been considering for a long time.”

“More recently it came to light that I wasn’t particularly happy warming the bench week in week out for Bromley and next thing I know I was on the phone to Leigh again…and here we are.”

What are your thoughts heading into Saturday’s FA Trophy tie at Sholing?

“Cup games are always tough for both teams. The favourites are always expected to win so there is that pressure, yet it is important to stay grounded and avoid complacency. If we play to the standard which we are capable of then there shouldn’t be any upsets.

“It’s crucial that everyone goes into this game with everything and no one leaves anything on the field. It’s going to be a battle but as long as we stay disciplined then I think we will come out on top.”


Culley scored an astonishing 39 goals in 45 appearances for Shortwood United last season

How would you describe your type of play and what are your strengths?

“I’ve been described previously as a strong and fast proven goalscorer which I suppose I can’t really word any better. I prefer to play off the shoulder of the centre halves and look for balls in behind the defence. There aren’t many centre backs who will catch me if I can get the service; but I’m happy to also get it in to feet, hold it up for my teammates around me.”

What would your targets (personally and for the team) be for the remainder of the season?

“Personally I’d like to get 25/30 for the club but more importantly I’d just like to contribute to an overall climb in the teams league position, maybe help create a bit of stability within the team and just get us some results. As great as it feels getting individual accolades they really don’t mean as much unless you are successful as a team.”

What would your message to Farnborough fans be for the rest of the season?

“To the fans: please just keep showing your support for the club and keep the faith. The results will come with the management and players that are in place so please continue to be patient and we will do the rest.”

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