The Club can announce that Robert Prince has acquired for a nominal sum the balance of Spencer Day’s shares, which leaves him in excess of 90% owner of the Club.

Rob commented: “The Club has with the opening of the PRE, signing a joint venture with Reading FC, completion of a refit of our bars last week as well as the finishing and successful launch of our commercial kitchen put itself in its best position to move forward over the coming years.

“The business has the CVA still to be resolved but has shown great stability this season yet has managed to create a solid platform that will give the business every opportunity to flourish in the future. There is no better time for genuine interested parties to come forward to acquire all or part of the business to take the club to the next stage of its development and I welcome any opportunity.

“I would like the thank the help of all our volunteers that have helped make this transition over the last few months and I’m sure Spencer and his team will again upset the odds and keep us in the Conference South again for another season which will be a fantastic achievement.”

Spencer Day commented: ” The time has come to purely concentrate on football for me which was the only job I wanted when I arrived at the Club over two years ago. A huge sum of money was required to stabilise the business in 2012 and then another six figure sum to get the PRE and kitchen/clubhouse finished of which I doubt I will ever see again but is not a decision I regret. I am proud of what we have achieved off the pitch these last two years by paying our way and starting the long process of building bridges with the community.

“Of course administration was a low point but without someone committing a staggering amount of money that was never going to happen that was the only option and has given the club a lifeline which it has had a successful start on.

“There is no doubt that there has been a massive challenge on the pitch this season and points are still needed and I urge the supporters to get behind the team starting tomorrow against Bishop’s Stortford and then we can all enjoy our summer!

“Thanks for all your support, Spencer.”

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