Farnborough Football Club were charged in relation to the independent private drug testing the club conducted on some of its players on 26th October 2013.

The Commission found that, in conducting such tests, the club had breached The FA’s Doping Control Regulations.

Farnborough had admitted the charge throughout and have been fined the sum of £5000 to be paid immediately and warned about their future conduct.

A spokesman for Farnborough Football Club stated it was “totally committed to the fight against drugs in football”.

He added: “While we accept there was a technical breach of the doping regulations in this case, we find it staggering that we have been fined such a vast sum and we will be appealing. We have lost over £20,000 in this matter and feel the penalty is excessive in the very least. It is a sum of money with the Club struggling to stay on an even keel after exiting Administration last year that it just cannot afford.”

“The club had the opportunity of selling the player after we received two written offers when he had failed the test which would have recouped it a substantial sum of money but refused on the basis of protecting the integrity of the drugs stance yet we feel we have been penalized twice over.”

“The Football Association would be better served using its resources to increasing the effectiveness of its random testing and applying the toughest penalties available in all drug related cases, rather than punishing those who act genuinely in the fight against drugs.

“In the circumstances, the test on October 26th proved positive and a second FA approved test was conducted in late January 2014 when the player was at his new club, Eastleigh, was also positive.”

The player has admitted to taking cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana on at least six long term occasions with two clubs, vindicating our actions.

“Farnborough’s position on drugs is very clear. We adopt a zero tolerance policy towards anybody who fails a drug test and then rejects the opportunity of rehabilitation and then further, in this case, goes on to continue to take drugs.”

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