Whilst we all wish the current Administrators the best in finding a successful purchaser for the Football Club it is important that we make the necessary provisions to move the Club forward if they should fail.

There is absolutely no intention for us to compete with ANY bidder that will move the Club forward and include the passed CVA which will keep the Club in the Conference South, however if these bidders were not to proceed we have taken steps to bring the Club out of Administration in the next couple of weeks and secure the future of the Club rather than let the Club fold or just turn into ‘a property deal’ outside of the CVA.

We now seek your urgent support both in voices and monetary value.

The ‘consortium’ includes the current management, staff and hopefully as many supporters as possible.

The new company will have no major shareholder and will equally be divided as a supporters trust ownership.

Funds proving the first years running costs as calculated by both the Administrator and ourselves have been proven to the authorities however we would like to do a lot more than barely survive as was last season.

NO financial guarantees are needed from any supporters or businesses to become involved and no liabilities will be incurred by individuals joining the bid.

With the restructuring achieved of the historic debts by the CVA we now have a clear path forward.

It would be preferred that new bidders with more funds than we expect we can raise were forthcoming but if there are not at least this keeps the Club alive and moving forward with some return to creditors and the Club in the Conference South.

It is believed the new company will form a Board of Directors of which the fans will have an equal say.

It will be proposed that Steve Duly will remain as Chief Executive and a non executive Chairman will be appointed of which positive discussions are taking place with an excellent candidate.

No one person will be able to own more than one share of the company unless 75% of the remaining shareholders agree to help protect the interests of the Community Club that we hope to take forward.

It is now vital that as many of you as possible join this bid by showing your support on the relevant thread on the fans forum and pledge sums to the bid (please do this via email to steve.duly@farnboroughfc.co.uk) as this needs to happen in the next few days to make sure that if the other bidders do not proceed the Club has a backstop.

To be clear this is not an ideal position.

We do not expect to be able to fund expansion, 3G pitches or fund expensive teams, however this bid does guarantee the survival of the Club where it is today and the opportunity to grow as a community Club and attract stability that will turn into prosperity in the future.

The preparation is purely if the Administrators fail to achieve a sale to any other bidder including the CVA which keeps us in the Conference and again we wish them the best in that regard.