Despite successfully exiting administration and securing a high profile club sponsor in Paddy Power, the Football Conference are demanding a staggering £100,000 bond from Farnborough FC to allow them to compete in the 2013/2014 Conference South season, which commences this Saturday. 


The extraordinary demand comes the day after Farnborough FC unveiled their new squad, where each player has changed their name by Deed Poll to a football legend.  The initiative, the brainchild of club sponsor Paddy Power as part of their We Hear You campaign, has generated headlines around the globe and has been applauded as one of the most innovative sponsorships in the modern game. 
The Football Conference demands seem even more bizarre when you consider that Aldershot FC, who play in the Conference Premier with considerably greater travelling costs than Farnborough FC, were allowed to exit administration and compete with no bond in place only two weeks ago! Similarly Truro City FC last season, who were still in administration at the time with no buyer on the horizon and huge travelling expenses due to their geographical location were allowed to compete under a bond of just £50,000, half of that being requested from Farnborough. 
We believe the demand for a £100,000 bond from the Football Conference is disproportionate and wholly unfair, however in the interest of Farnborough FC, Paddy Power have agreed to post this bond to ensure that the greatest team in the world lines out this Saturday in Paddy Power Park.
Paddy Power said “This bullyboy tactic from the Football Conference makes them a real contender for our Ball of Shame season review.  We’re always happy to support the underdog and in this case we’re only too happy to ensure the gates of Paddy Power Park remain open for the coming season.  Farnborough FC fans, we hear you!”