Steve Duly, director of Farnborough Football & Social Club Limited states:

“Having been informed of the details of the new proposal on the table for the club, I am extremely excited about the club’s future should this proposal get Council approval.  The project offers a long-term sustainable future by incorporating various non-football revenue streams into the site that will be used to secure the club’s future.  This is not just a plan to rescue the club from its current position, it is designed to try and ensure it does not get into this position again and provide for a positive future.

The interested party have taken a sensible well structure business approach to the future running of the club which would remove the reliance on the financial position of any one individual to support the club and turn it into a stand-alone enterprise.  I understand from the administrator’s advisor that the bidder has already shown proof of funds, not only for the purchase of the football club but also to complete the adjacent development without any bank financing or funding from Rushmoor Borough Council.  This to me seems to be an incredible position for the club to be in and I can only encourage that this project goes ahead.

The basis for the proposal is to make the club a fully self-sustainable entity within a three year period through a phased development programme.  There will essentially be three stages to the proposal.  The first being to acquire the football club out of administration, finish off the various parts of the ground that are currently unfinished, improve facilities and generally tidy up and complete the current ground at Cherrywood Road.  The aim of this phase is very much to improve the match day experience for fans which I am all in favour of and ensure that the club trades on a sound footing.  This phase requires no input from Rushmoor Borough Council at all.  Phase two of the project would involve Farnborough Football Club and Rushmoor Borough Council enter into a Joint Venture Agreement to develop the adjacent land as per the master plan (see below), funded by the interested party and some grant input.  This would include 3G Floodlit football pitches: 1 x 11-a-side 3G Football Pitch; and 5 x 5-a-side 3G Football/Polysports Pitches.  In addition, there would be the development of a dog walking and play ground area, as well as the development  of a housing scheme.  The final phase of the project would be the development of a sports village incorporating a 5,000 sq ft state of the art fitness suite with 3 aerobic studios; an academy education suite for the academy players to be educated in; changing and conference facilities; a function room with fully licensed bar and space to re-house local charities.  The intention would be to speak with Parity and Rushmoor Healthy Living to see if they would wish to take up this space.  This phase will also include the development of a convenience supermarket.  The aim being is that the site is brought in as a community project, trying to benefit every corner of the community in some way.

From the proposal above you can understand the enthusiasm from both myself and the administrator to push forward as by Rushmoor Borough Council engaging and working with the interested party on this project it provides a number of benefits such as revenue for the council through an initial profit share and longer term through council tax and business rates.  It provides a self-sustainable and profitable business model for Farnborough Football Club through various secure revenue streams.  The proposal makes available a state of the art sports facility for Farnborough Football Club and the local community.  It provides a sports educational centre for the football academy enabling the next crop of talent to come through the ranks of Farnborough.  It also provides a new home for local charities and puts in place a new playground walking area for the local community.  The project creates numerous jobs for the local community and brings back into use a piece of land which is currently under-utilised.

All I can say is that I think this project is a no-brainer.  The Council do not have to put any money into it and so neither does the tax payer.  In fact, the Council would be due to make substantial revenue if this project went ahead.

In terms of the club, it is currently in a very difficult financial position and I believe that this proposal is the best I’ve seen to secure its future”.