Despite extensive representation over the last two days to the Football Conference seeking permission to sign at least one if not two goalkeepers, after the Registration Deadline, the Club can announce that permissions have not been granted, although The Conference has made the decision to rescind the cancellation of registration of Jamie Norris.

Contrary to reports, Norris confirmed to the club in writing on Sunday 31st March, that he would no longer be available to play for the club for the remainder of the season, including Monday’s match for which he was selected, the outcome being the club playing the game with no available substitute goalkeeper on the bench.

He had also contacted The Conference seeking assistance in his registration being cancelled, outside the FA Rules Relating To Players – Players Without Written Contracts – Regulations Concerning Approaches, whereby during the current season any Club wishing to approach a player known to be registered with or having played for any other Club must give to the secretary of each such club seven days formal written notice of the intention to approach the player.

The club has strong opinions on this issue, and will not let a player that has let the club down in that manner return in any circumstances.

Consequently the club can confirm that an outfield player will be selected to play in goal for tomorrows Blue Square South match away at Staines Town and potentially the remainder of the season.

This matter has been compounded by Ross Worner being recalled to his parent club, Aldershot Town and the decision to mutually agree to the cancellation of Craig Bradshaw’s contract.

Bradshaw stated both in text messages and verbally that he was not  fit enough to play again this season and this coupled with internal Club discipline matters led to the decision to  mutually terminate his contract.  

The Club is conscious that they are involved in a number of important games against sides fighting for relegation and play off issues and that the decision of the Conference is a serious concern for the competition, however it will reserve all it rights and perform to the best of its ability and let other parties take forward any action as they see fit.