Club Statement regarding the four point league deduction.


“The club are extremely disappointed to have been deducted four points by the Football Conference which was upheld on appeal by the Football Association yesterday.

 The player in question misled the club on two separate occasions with regards to his playing history, the club learned after his registration, that due to his last club being outside of England he required International Clearance.

Whilst the Football Association and Football Conference both acknowledged that the club had been misled, the rules clearly state it is the clubs responsibility to ensure that players have the relevant permissions to play before participating in competitive matches.

The player has, it is known, gone on to plead guilty to both the FA and the Crown Court where he awaits sentencing for a similar ‘style’ of deception.

 To be deducted any points when we have been deceived is we feel extremely harsh, especially in the light of recent appeals such as Bradford City’s in The FA Cup, where it was accepted that the club had not attempted to deceive anyone.

During the same period we cleared three other players through the International Clearance guidelines, and over the the season have complied with the regulations on more that ten occasions.

We are disappointed at this verdict where we showed the authorities that we did everything within reason to verify the player but ultimately we have been caught out in exceptional circumstances.”