Farnborough Football Club can today confirm that it last week withdrew its appeal to the Football Association against the decision by the Football Conference not to give permission for the signing of a goalkeeper on an emergency registration.

The Club launched the appeal process two weeks ago and whilst the procedures dictate that the respondent has 21 days to respond, it was acknowledged that the process be fast tracked, although this meant a further game without a recognised goalkeeper.

It was clear that any appeal would not be heard until far too late to be financially viable so the Club has withdrawn its appeal.

Subsequently Craig Bradshaw contacted the Conference directly stating he was now fit to play and with their approval he wanted to contact the Club and offer to play.

 The Conference, despite unilaterally reinstating Jamie Norris against the Clubs wishes have refused this request which the club feels is a clear contradiction of a precedent they set two weeks ago.

Norris himself leaves the UK tomorrow for seven months to take up a playing position in Australia.

Throughout this situation the Club feels it has been extremely harshly dealt with, and throughout have re-iterated that the prime concern is the integrity of the competition.

Those who have watched or seen the highlights of the last two matches will have seen that with a recognised goalkeeper, the outcomes could have been very different.

This is no criticism towards Nic Ciardini who has stepped up to the challenge and given his very best.