Following the appointment of Karen Potts, as Marketing Manager, last week we have delayed the opening of the Cafe.

Karen has only just joined us at Farnborough Football Club (FFC) and shall be working with Leigh Dynan, No. 2 to the first team, in launching and promoting the cafe.

Leigh’s full time job is managing his own catering company and his experience will be invaluable to the successful launch of the FFC Cafe.

Karen has provided the following statement “The purpose of opening a Cafe at the football club is to generate income for the club. There are a number of operational issues that need to be resolved before the cafe can be opened, but please don’t speculate as there is nothing major. There is a lot of local competition and it is vital that we get our products, pricing and target market right. At this time I am unable to give a revised opening date, but really appreciate the ongoing support of the Farnborough Fans. Please bear with me, I will be at the home match on Tuesday 1st Oct and value your input.”

We apologise for any inconvenience the delay in opening may cause.