Mo Sher chats to the travelling Farnborough fans following the 4-3 defeat at Basingstoke…

“I have to say that, whatever the final score I haven’t witnessed a game this season that hasn’t been absorbing attacking football. Our lads don’t ever give up, a sign of their determination and fitness, as goals being scored as 90 minutes approaches continues to show.

“This season I want nothing more than to stay in this league and watch football home and away that’s worth the journey – and so far I’m getting it!”


“In retrospect, if we had a decent striker we could have won by a measure. The goals seemed to come from other sources and the edge of the box when a presence on the far post was often lacking.

“Someone with a bit of nous. A Sills…or a Charlsie.”


“I don’t see why it should be a long hard winter at all. I think we have made good progress in a very short time and have played six of the top nine in the league. I think we are competitive in midfield and up front. Once we get a little bit tighter at the back we will win many more than we lose.

“I thought it was an entertaining and competitive match against a strong physical team in a playoff position. I thought Esmond had his best match for us, won a lot of ball in the air and ran his socks off throughout.

On the negative side, I was a bit disappointed at one of our younger, less experienced player’s reaction to being fouled towards the end.”


“We have a goal scorer in Reece, but for some reason he seems to spend more time out wide, not to mention back in midfield and defence, boy does the lad get about! But stick him up front in the middle and he will get us goals.

“Hate to say it, but Patto has done nothing for us yet. If he’s not fit, we have 2 reserve teams; let him have a run out for them instead of wasting a place in the first team.┬áJust my thoughts.”