The board of directors would like to comment on the statement that has featured on the non league web site today written by Tim O’Shea in relation to his consortium’s unsuccessful bid to acquire the shares of Farnborough FC.

We can confirm that a representative of the board met with Tim and Justin Barnes whereby details of their plans for the Club were discussed. The plans that were portrayed at this meeting were very different to those that have been outlined within the statements now made. We are very surprised at Tim’s consortium’s sudden change of plans now that their bid has been unsuccessful and the shares have been sold.

The decision of which bid to accept was one made by the Trustee who had been appointed to act in respect of the Hollis’ estate, although it is only fair and right that we confirm that the current board preferred the bid which the Trustee ultimately chose to accept.

The board’s main objective at that time, and now, was ensuring that the club’s short, medium and long term interests were best met, and in the time scale that was prevailing the bid accepted was certainly in our view the only one which protected the Club in the short term.

If it be the case that Tim (and his consortium) have plans and investment which will provide the Club with better prospects in the medium and longer term, then the board will be delighted to hear of those plans in more detail and will be accordingly inviting Tim (and his consortium) to meet with us to outline what their plans would be, and to demonstrate the resources to fulfil those plans. Indeed, this would equally apply to any other genuine investors.